Smiles from across the ocean!

It has been so so long since my last blog post, I am so ashamed!  I have been so busy with my on-line shop that I had to put my blog to one side and concentrate on completing all my orders and designing new items, but now I am back and I am determined to keep it up to date.

So, what nicer way to get back to my blog than with some photos of two very gorgeous little girls wearing my dresses!  Miranda and Paula live in Mexico and their uncle asked me to make them a dress each – and here they are in their creations!

Seriously, how cute are they?!  It is a good job they live in Mexico as I would be tempted to steal them!








The green floral dress is made from a vintage 1950′s pattern in vintage fabric.  I love this style of dress so much, it is such a pretty shape for a little girl.  The blue dress is made in Tilda birdcage fabric which, if I am honest, I want a dress in too!

Given the beaming smiles and fabulous poses I think Paula and Miranda have successful modelling careers ahead of them – how could they not with those dimples!  I feel so lucky when I receive photos of the kiddies in my outfits, it makes me think I have the best job in the world!  Huge ‘thank yous’ to Paula and Miranda’s mum and dad for the pictures!

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Sewing Dork Jersey Tunic Tutorial

Had a spare hour today whilst the youngest was sleeping so had a quick look for a tutorial for a girl’s jersey dress and found one on the Sewing Dork blog with a fab frill neck.  So I gave it a go and here is my attempt!

I made mine slightly longer than the tunic in the tutorial as I wanted it as a dress, and added a jersey bias binding around the neck for an extra feature.  The idea of cutting the arms and body of the tunic as one piece is genius!  I wasn’t convinced it would work for Layla as she is older (and bigger!) than the little girl in the tutorial but it really did work – and saved fiddling with sleeves!

Check out the tutorial on the Sewing Dork blog and have a go!  I found the tutorial, cut out the dress and finished it within an hour so it is super quick and looks so cute!  It’s a fab tutorial for an easy, quick dress for a little girl that she can wear everday but is unique too!

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How to do….elasticated pockets!

I was making a little girl’s pinafore in some quirky Moda fabric I found in Liverpool (Central Park print).  I chose a simple shape as the fabric is busy enough as it is and I thought clean lines would show it off, but once it was made up I thought it needed a little bit extra.  I had some Happy! by Moda fabric that would match perfectly but couldn’t decide what to do with it – so I came up with the idea of elasticated pockets as they would be simple in shape but not lie too flat.

Now, I have no idea where this idea came from as it popped into my head so I suspect I may have seen them somewhere and buried them somewhere deep in the ‘ideas’ treasure box in my brain.  They turned out looking so cute I thought it would be helpful to do a mini tutorial for them so here goes….

To begin, I decided on the shape of pocket I wanted (I chose a rounded, half circular shape) and cut the pieces out of the fabric.  Remember, because they are going to be elasticated make sure you make the pockets wider than you ultimately want them to be.  I made mine two inches wider.  Also, add an extra 3/4″ on the top of the pocket to allow for the seam and fold to thread the elastic through, and 1/4 all round the edge of the pocket for the fold.

Once you have cut out the pockets, fold the top over by 1/4″ and iron it down.  Then fold it down again by 1/2″ and stitch along the bottom edge of the fold to create the casing for the elastic.  Then turn in the bottom edges of the pocket by 1/4″ and iron flat to keep the fold in place.

Cut two pieces of elastic to the length you would like the top edge of you pocket to be, adding an extra 1/4″ to account for where the elastic will fold in on itself at the edges when stitched to the dress or item of clothing you are making.  Thread the elastic through the casing and stitch it down at each end of the pocket to hold it in place.


Now pin the pocket to the garment, ensuring that the edge folds you ironed flat earlier are tucked inside.  Then stitch the pocket to the garment as closely to the edge of the pocket as you can for a neat finish.

And there – you’ve done it!  I love these pockets as they are ideal when you want a simple shape so that it doesn’t detract from the fabric or the rest of the garment but isn’t completely flat.  I love how they add depth to the pinafore I made.

I have listed these pinafores in my Etsy Shop for sale if you would like one for your little one!  I couldn’t resist – the fabric is just adorable!

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First tutorial on its way!

So, I have been thinking for a long time about doing a tutorial for my blog – hopefully the first of many!  I had a few ideas which I discarded but then found this fabric at Maureen’s Fabrics in Ormskirk -

I decided to make something cute, girly, frilly and summery with it and came up with this -

 A frilly backed, sun-suit with a tie fastener!Needless to say, Layla loves it.  Although all we have had recently is rain so not sure when she is going to get to wear it!  It has elasticated legs, and waistband, and given it is fastened with an adjustable tie there is always the chance it will fit her next year too!


She looks gorgeous in it, now we just need the sun to shine!  I have taken all the photos I need to in order to do a tutorial, now I just have to write it up.  Watch this space!

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Creative Fairy treats!

Since launching myself headlong into the world of crafts and home-made delights, I have discovered that people make gorgeous stuff out of all kinds of things, not just fabric!  I recently bought a stunning butterfly locket from Creative Fairy, and needless to say – I love it!  She makes all kinds of fabulous stuff using paper art which you can see on her facebook page if you click here, or her Etsy shop.  Why not stop by and ‘like’ her facebook page and have a browse in the shop.

Why buy high street when you can get beautiful and unique stuff delivered straight to your door, and support a small business too!

Here’s a photo of the locket to whet your appetite!

Cute Butterfly Necklace - Simple but Cute - Two Little Butterflies

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It could be a coincidence, but it seems like everywhere I go at the minute people are talking about sewing and how they want a go at it.  Even strangers in the queue at the supermarket.  So I am trying to perfect the delicate balance of enthusiasm and encouragement but suspect that I may be bordering on manic harassment!

Most people I speak to want to try something for their kids but I have been telling them that it is just as easy to make stuff for yourself too.  I have made quite a few things now, but the first thing I made was a pleat fronted dress with a tulip skirt.  The inside could never be described as beautiful but no-one sees that anyway (a helpful paramedic at best, should you be unfortunate enough to be hit by a bus…but lets move on).  I’ve made three more dresses and two skirts since and I can honestly say I love them just as much, if not more, than anything I have bought.  Some I have used patterns for, some I have mashed together patterns and ideas and others I have used tutorials from the internet.  I will post some photos later of the stuff I made for myself but thought I would post a picture of a dress I made for my sister here.  She wanted something for a Christening where she was godmother and said she wanted something bright so I took her at her word!

‘Home-made’ stuff surely can’t be that bad if other people voluntarily wear it right?

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Quilt love!

I have just been blown away by photos of a quilt a friend from Uni, Lydia Mason, made.  I can’t believe the detail and just how darn beautiful it is!  I wouldn’t even know where to start – Lydia, you are amazing!

Lydia – how did you do this?!  Firstly, where did you get the fabric from?  It is gorgeous.  Secondly, please tell me you used a pattern and didn’t somehow design it yourself and get it all to match up?  Finally, where did you find the patience as you must have used bucket loads! x

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Grandma has been busy!

My Mum has knitted a cardigan for Layla and I anticipate that it will have far more use over the summer than a sun hat given the weather we are likely to get!

I have no idea how she did it as I can’t knit – presumably with wool, buttons and lots of counting?  It is lovely though and all I can say is – where’s mine Mum?!

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Work in progress…

My husband has been in Washington since Saturday and I have been herding kids on my own since then – respect to all the single mums out there, it’s hard work!  It has been hard to find the time to do any sewing but I have managed to get started on the dress inspired by the Little Girl Giant.  This is what I have done on it so far

It still needs hemming and the zip putting in.  I didn’t hem it last night as I couldn’t decide whether to leave the skirt as it is, add a white trim (plain, lacey, broderie?) or to make a petticoat to go underneath.  I cut the skirt quite short as all the old style dresses for little girls tend to be quite short – it would looks so cute with long white socks and tan t-bar shoes.

I was going to add some white fabric covered buttons but the ones I had were too big so I popped to the shop and got some small white etched ones.  I tried to buy a big flouncy white material brooch thing but the lady in the shop told me it looked hideous on it.  Well, that told me!  In retrospect seen as I am going for the vintage look she is probably right.  Plus she sold me some gorgeous little white bows with sage coloured leaves and white roses on and suggested I sew them onto socks to make a matching set – amazing idea.  Should have taken credit for that myself…..I bought a few extra to put on hairclips or bobbles too.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that the collar is different to the little girl giant dress (although I haven’t posted a photo of the puppet on here as I have an IP lawyer as a husband and got told off).  I decided to put the collar on backwards so it is more of a bib fronted dress as I wanted the dress with a zip back as opposed to a button up front.  Looking at it now a normal collar would probably be cuter but it’s done now.

The dress is a size 3 and a bit too big for Layla yet so when it is finished I will need a little girl to model it on before I can post a photo.  Layla won’t be able to wear it over the summer but hopefully by autumn when the colours would be perfect.

I haven’t ironed the sleeves yet as putting that off for a while…

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Calico Laine fabric

My new fabric has arrived!  Whoo!  I bought these prints with kids clothes in mind.  I thought the fine floral prints would look gorgeous made up into traditional style little girls dresses with simple bodices and puffy skirts, except I want one now! I also bought some check fabric to make something for Daniel before he reports me to the NSPCC for neglect – Layla has a wardrobe full of stuff I have made and Daniel only has two pairs of trousers so far (one of which made him look like Rod Stewart so not sure they count….)

The fabric is all from Calico Laine

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